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Lawyers Profiles
Nikolay MELNYKOV Nikolay MELNYKOV Partner, Interlegal law firm, LMAA supporting member, GMAA member, Member of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine

Interlegal leading in

2 Transport


24B Genuezska Street, Odessa,
65009, Ukraine,
+380 (048) 233 7528
+380 (048) 233 7529

Interlegal is the recognized law firm with the head office in Odessa, the biggest sea-gate of Ukraine. Established in 1995, Interlegal acquired the reputation of boutique maritime law expert operating and servicing clients in the Black Sea region. Interlegal’s expertize has been focused on the following major practices crystalized from our 20 years’ experience:

- Shipping

- Transport & Logistics

- Ports & Terminals

- International Trade

- Corporate

- Investment & Transactions

- Litigation & Arbitration.

Within a wide practice in commercial shipping Interlegal also renders the full range of yachting services: making sales contracts of yachts and ships, their registration and insurance.

Among our clients are all participants of the transportation process: cargo owners, carriers, forwarders, agents, ports, terminals, charterers, ship owners, insurers, banks, etc.

Interlegal employs 20 top level law experts advising clients 24/7. Careful selection brought together talented, enthusiastic, goal oriented professionals united by high standard team spirit able to solve hard tasks effectively and fast. Thinking of future, in 2013 the firm grew up 25% enriched by young perspective lawyers. The firm was the first in Ukraine who implemented Hybrid management system.

Continuously developing legal practice in Shipping and International trade in Black Sea region we opened the office in Istanbul, Turkey, where a new partner of Interlegal, Mehmet Dogu, leads the practice.

The annual research of legal service market “Ukrainian Law Firms. A Handbook for Foreign Clients” in 2012-2014 has determined Interlegal as one of the leading companies dealing with maritime, transport and infrastructure. Arthur Nitsevych, Artem Skorobogatov were named as leading individuals and Nikolay Melnykov as one of the best expert practicing in maritime law and yachting. Interlegal is the organizer of the conferences and seminars like Maritime Days in Odessa, Protection  of Shipowners’ Interests (Saint Petersburg), Actual Issues of Yachting in Ukraine (Kiev), seminar for forwarders Multimodal Carriages, Risks and Liabilities of the Parties, Liability for  cargo transshipments in the ports, etc. Interlegal is a member and partner of the international associations such as: FOSFA, European Maritime Law Organization (EMLO), the London Maritime Arbitrators Association (LMAA), the German Maritime Arbitration Association (GMAA), the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA), the International Bar Association (IBA), International Multimodal Transport Association (IMMTA), AIJA, UZT, WISTA,  the Nautical Institute of Ukraine.